Runtime Console

Inspect logs on-device without tethering to your laptop or deploying special debug builds.

Plug and Play

Hooks into the existing Unity Debug.Log() system. No need to modify your logging code.

High Performance

Handles hundreds of messages with little to no performance penalty.

Dock In-Game

Dock in-game to inspect logs without opening the debug panel.

Options Tab

[options tab]

Simple Setup

Automatically populates with methods and properties from SROptions class.

Fast Iteration

Tweak variables while on device, no more waiting for your game to rebuild.

Tweak in-game

Pin options to tweak while playing and find the perfect parameters.


Always have access to cheats when showing off your game.

Bug Reporter

[bug reporter]

Easy Setup

Our bug reporter service forwards reports directly to your email address. Free sign-up with your invoice number in the settings window.

Automatic Screen Capture

A screenshot is captured and sent with the report enabling you to see exactly what went wrong.

System Profile

Device specifications and console log will be included in the bug report, helping you to track down platform specific bugs.

Script API

Open bug reporter from code, populate description field, display form in popover without granting access to debug panel.


[options tab]

Estimated Frame Time

Profiler graph shows an approximate breakdown of how long each step of the frame took to execute.

Memory Usage

Track how much memory your game is using. Trigger cleanups manually to find places where you can save memory.

And More...

[entry code thumbnail]

Entry Code

Protect access to the debug panel with a 4-digit code. Additionally, there is an API for you to use the code entry UI for your own purposes.

[entry code thumbnail]

System Information

View detailed information about the current device and runtime data such as graphics quality and current scene. Includes the Unity Cloud Build manifest if present.

[entry code thumbnail]


SRDebugger supports Web Player, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Store and Windows Phone build targets.