Unity Console & Tools On-Device

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Detailed information about current device on the System Information Tab.

Examine graphics capabilities, device specifications, display information and more on the system information tab. If you use Unity Cloud Build, the manifest information appears here. Never forget what build you have installed again.

Inspect Unity Console at runtime to debug on-the-fly.

SRDebugger's high performance console panel supports hundreds of messages. Select log entries to view the stack trace, filter by severity, and pin the console to the in-game view to diagnose problems while playing.

Free bug-reporter service delivers user reports direct to your email address.

Bug reports include the system profile, console log, a screen capture, and optionally the user email address and description to help you solve bugs quickly.

Intuitive options tab lets you iterate gameplay parameters on-device.

Automatically populates with methods and properties from the SROptions class. Enable fast iteration by tweaking variables without redeploying your game to device.

Identify performance hotspots with the built-in profiler.

Profiler graph shows an approximate breakdown of how long each step of the frame took to execute. Track how much memory your game is using, and trigger clean-ups manually to find where you can save memory.

What Our Users Say

Did you buy it yet?

If you are working on mobile development this is an absolute must have.

Steve Weintraut

Great Plugin

This is just pro. Easy to use. Super useful features. Even looks slick.

Dean Loades

Responsive Design

Supports any screen size and orientation.

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Simple Setup

On Unity 5, no setup required. Simply import the package and done! On Unity 4, simply drag the prefab into your scene.

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Easy Configuration

Edit keyboard shortcuts, disable tabs, setup entry code, configure UI settings, and more from the intuitive settings window.

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Panel Trigger

Unobtrusive trigger in the corner of the game window provides quick access to the debug panel, just triple-tap.

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Fast Support

Things don't always go to plan. We're committed to providing full and quick support to any of our customers, via email or the Unity Forum thread.

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API & Source Code

Open the debug panel, show bug reporter popover, dock/undock console and profiler via our API. Full source code provided.

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Frequent Updates

We're always making SRDebugger better, fueled by our user feedback. Check the updates page to see how far we've come!

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