TypeSafe began as a commercial product developed by Stompy Robot, but is now released an open source tool available on GitHub.

It is no longer under active development.

1.4.1 (21/Jul/19)


  • Converted package to use .asmdefs instead of pre-compiled DLLs.

1.3.0 (16/May/17)


  • Support for Audio Mixers parameters and snapshots.
  • Support for Animator parameters and layers.
  • Added checkboxes in advanced tab for disabling individual data sources.


  • Minimum supported Unity version is now 5.4.
  • Unity 4 is no longer supported.
  • Custom asset type cache is now stored separately from settings so it can be excluded from source control.

1.2.2 (5/Jul/16)


  • Textures set to the “Sprite” import mode will now use the Sprite type in resources.
  • Changes to assets in blacklist no longer trigger automatic scan.
  • When whitelist is enabled, changes to assets not in whitelist no longer trigger automatic scan.
  • Items in blacklist/not in whitelist no longer have heavy processing (should speed up scan time significantly on large projects).
  • Custom asset types are now cached so subsequent scans are faster.

1.2.1 (10/Nov/15)


  • Menu items are no longer specified in the .dll file, instead are located in TypeSafe/Editor/MenuItems.cs to allow for user customisation.
  • No longer aborts compile process if a C#-safe name for a resource cannot be found, instead skips and prints a compile error.
  • Added “Start Scan” button to settings window.


  • Resources with a custom type that is ‘private’ are now declared as ‘internal’ to prevent “Inconsistent accessibility” errors.

1.2.0 (29/Sep/15)


  • Input axes are now included in generated code (as defined in the Input Manager)
  • ‘Whitelist’ mode allows you to specify only the folders/assets you want to include.
  • Select what can trigger automatic scan (resources, layers, scenes, etc).
  • Customise the output directory from the settings window.


  • Settings window updated with new layout, added changelog tab to welcome window.
  • Can opt-in to including disabled scenes in the generated code (useful for development when not including all scenes of your game in test builds)


  • Prevent ‘.’ character in naming scheme class names.
  • (Mac) Prevent settings asset from being overridden when reimporting project.

1.1.1 (15/Sep/15)


  • Added Unload() method to resources.
  • Added UnloadAll() and UnloadAllRecursive() methods to resource folders.


  • Resource wrappers now cache with a weak reference, so they do not prevent Resources.UnloadUnusedResources() working.

1.1.0 (17/Aug/15)


  • Added ITypeSafeDataSource interface for using TypeSafe for custom data. See documentation for details.
  • Added TypeSafeApi static class for invoking TypeSafe scan/compile process via script.
  • PrefabResource.Instantiate(Vector3) overload added (no rotation)


  • Fixed “Object has been cleaned up” warning when saving a scene with TypeSafe enabled.

1.0.1 (10/Aug/15)


  • Added documentation comments to generated resource folder methods (GetContents, etc).


  • Welcome window no longer shows up after the first time
  • Fixed Editor-only resources being included in scan

1.0.0 (03/Aug/15)

Initial version.