Stompy Robot is a small game development studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We Do

Across all popular mobile platforms (iOS, Windows, Android), we design and craft fun, touch-centric games. We believe that a game should be designed for touch, fully exploiting the fresh input medium provided by this new technology.

Our current projects are Nova, a tactical RTS action game, and Gravitational, a party-multiplayer competitive arcade game.

We also maintain a set of tools we use internally, SRDebugger and TypeSafe, which are available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.

Our experience includes work with the Unity game engine, iOS development and Windows Store development. Unfortunately, we are currently unavailable for contract work.

We Love

Games we play

We’re obsessed with Hearthstone. We love the music and sound design in Crawl.

We also enjoy: Civilization V, Super Smash Bros, Diablo III.

And we have a soft spot for Age of Empires II – timeless classic!

Places we hang

Namaste Kathmamdu is our curry-house of choice, we love the biryani. We never pass on the chance to dine on some Nando's chicken either, always hot!

We get our coffee fix all over - Kilimanjaro Coffee, Brew Lab, Black Medicine.

Music to code by

We Are Friendly

We love to chat! Get in touch with us at

We also hang out on twitter at @Stompy_Robot.